An Interview with the Burned In Teacher, Amber Harper

Being an Educator

  • Amber didn’t grow up knowing what she wanted to do with her life 
  • She went to school to be a nurse
  • That didn’t work out, so she got her degree in education 
  • And ending up being super passionate about it 
  • She’s always advocated for the underdog 
  • And that’s a big reason why she keeps coming back to education 
  • Amber has left education twice due to burnout, but has always returned 
  • She has taught several different grade levels 
  • In 2018 Amber left education and worked on Burned-in Teacher 
  • But after three years returned to teaching 

Making Connections

  • Feeling the connections with students and other teachers is important 
  • Amber strives to be more than just an academic teacher
  • She wants to help her students through life, decisions, emotions
  • Remember that student behavior is not about you, 
  • But is a reflection of something deeper going on
  • This helps Amber stay calm when dealing with these behaviors 
  • She has classroom meetings throughout the day to bring everyone together 
  • And also tries to connect with her students individually 

Teacher Burnout

  • Many teachers are perfectionists and people pleasers 
  • And trying to save everyone and shoulder all the burden is a recipe for burnout 
  • Burnout is not your fault, but it is your responsibility to recognize it in yourself 
  • A lot of expectations in the profession are unattainable or unrealistic 
  • Burned-in Teacher was born out of Amber’s burnout
  • Which first started when she began teaching first grade
  • She felt there was no collaboration with her team
  • After many years, the feelings she’d been repressing came to a bursting point 
  • She knew that something had to change 
  • was inspired by a summit Amber attended 

Self-awareness of Burnout

  • Learn to work through the burnout and the challenges instead of fighting against them
  • When struggling with burnout,
  • Look inwardly to build self-awareness and see if you need to change
  • and/or see if your environment needs to change 
  • Addressing and finding solutions to burnout is not one-size-fits-all
  • There are different personalities and types of burnout 
  • Reflecting on what brought you here is step one 
  • Think about if you can be your best self in your current environment
  • There’s no shame in making a change 
  • If you use your burnout as fuel to fire you up, the possibilities are endless

Mindset shifts

  • Instead of thinking that things are happening to you as a victim, 
  • Acknowledge that these things are happening and think about your next move
  • You can’t keep doing the same things and expect different results 
  • Don’t view burnout as a life sentence of misery,
  • Instead see it as an opportunity to change your life 

Interested in supporting a child? 

  • 100% of the proceeds donated to the Burntout Educator will provide therapy for a child in the public school system
  • Not therapy capped at a certain number, but an open-ended relationship with a highly qualified therapist in the BHC network. 

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