Jonathan Bell

Working in social media 

  • Was eager to start working at the age of 15
  • Applied to many places but was turned down for all of them 
  • During Covid, started utilizing social media for marketing his family-owned business 
  • In April 2020 he launched his own website for digital marketing consulting

Balancing being a high schooler and business owner 

  • Even though Jonathan is still in high school, 
  • He feels that he can relate to the older business owners more than other teenagers
  • He is still learning how to balance being in school and meeting with people 
  • Some days he needs to be a high schooler, 
  • Other days he needs to be a man 
  • Despite being professional, people have turned Jonathan down because of his age 
  • Jonathan experiences a lot of support at school 
  • And he has inspired other students to start their own business

Life experience

  • Everyone has different kinds of life experience
  • Just because someone is older,
  • Doesn’t mean they are more experienced
  • Just that they’ve had different experiences
  • “Your human experience is no more human than mine”
  • It’s important to validate experiences in children and young adults 

Conflicting environments 

  • Growing up, he moved back and forth between Springfield and Chicago 
  • His home in Chicago wasn’t in the best area 
  • Eventually moved back to Springfield 
  • Because his mom felt that it was a better environment 
  • It was a big change coming to Springfield,
  • But still experienced some of the same racial labeling as Chicago 
  • Like being called the “whitest black kid”

Being in the news

  • Jonathan feels that the article written about him has helped him become more connected with Springfield 
  • And has given him the opportunity to meet more people
  • Some of the comments on Jonathan’s news article were misinformed or stereotyping 
  • Jonathan stays professional because he knows who he is 
  • Although, his story was published on a different platform and the comments there were very positive and supportive
  • All mediums are objectifying 
  • And it can be hard to see how people interact with that representation of you 

Strategies to success

  • There are so many different paths to success 
  • The best strategy for one person may not be the best for another
  • Jonathan sets himself up for success by planning out how he will reach his goals 
  • And sometimes has to re-strategize when something doesn’t go right 
  • And you don’t have to do what other people say you should 
  • Or label yourself what others label you 
  • Jonathan is proud of the things he’s done and will continue to do 

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